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The Lemnos Greece Guide!

Limnos Island in Greece

A Beautiful Find In The Aegean Sea .

Limnos has it's own special character

The Real Greek Experience..

Island Transportation

The island sports an airport which has connecting flights to Athens, Greece as well as ferries to get around to the other islands.

About Limnos Greece

A complete guide to Limnos Island in Greece.In our guide you will find infos about the beatiful Greek island of Limnos.Limnos is home to one of the most picturesque and breathtaking harbors in all of Greece. The turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches are quite captivating. Small, quaint towns and villages dot the landscape as mountains ascend mightily in the background. The island is green and fertile. Perfect for growing wheat, fruits and olives. Animal breeding and honey making are also very traditional occupations for the people who live here. The local people are very traditional, which means they have lots of old customs and are very hospitable, indeed. The island is also covered with various types of flowers and wild flowers. This island has a great reputation for its amazing vineyards. In fact, in Aristotle’s writings, he talked about traditional white and red wines that were produced on the island. The wine was made from a unique and ancient grape variety which Aristotle named the Limnio. This island was actually Hephaistos’s holy island. He was an ancient smithy god who had been worshipped atop Mount Moschylus. This mountain, in ancient times, was rumored to spew hot bursts full of asphaltic gas. The volcanic past of the island of Limnos still features prominently in today’s society. Limnos has a highly sulfuric area known as Limnian Earth, and they have hot springs as well. Those locations were used heavily in ancient times to remedy stomachaches and induce wound healing.

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